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Here you can view our key objectives, policies and other useful information.

Ace Healthcare Aims & Objectives

At Ace Dynamic Healthcare, we are guided by a set of aims and objectives that drive our commitment to quality care:

Quality of Life

We aim to improve and sustain your overall quality of life through high-quality care.

Cultural Sensitivity

Your cultural, religious, and personal values are always respected.


We manage our care service efficiently, making the best use of resources for your benefit.


We have clear procedures for compliments, comments, and complaints to ensure your concerns are addressed.

Respect and Dignity

We provide care that is flexible, attentive, and nondiscriminatory while respecting your right to independence, privacy, dignity, and informed choices.

Personalized Care

We match you with a suitable care worker and are open to changing if compatibility issues arise.


We involve you and your caregivers in service provision, ensuring services are run in your best interests.

Values and Principles of Care

Our services are built on a foundation of core values and principles:


We respect your right to privacy and ensure it’s maintained, except in exceptional circumstances.


We ensure you are heard and informed about all aspects of your care.


We encourage you to pursue personal goals and aspirations within legal and ethical boundaries.


We provide accessible and flexible services based on your choices.


We prioritize confidentiality and involve you in decision-making regarding your personal information.


We promote and support your independence to the fullest extent possible.


We uphold your rights to dignity, respect, privacy, and high-quality care.

Carer Support

We recognize and value the contributions of family and carers.


All individuals, regardless of their circumstances, deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

Risk Taking

You have the right to make decisions about your life, even if it involves taking reasonable risks.


We outline the responsibilities you have as a service user to actively participate in your care.

Corporate Statement of Good Practice

Our philosophy places you, the service user, at the center of care service planning and delivery. Our core values reflect this commitment

Autonomy and Independence: You have the right to make decisions and assume responsibilities.

Choice: You can choose your activities and lifestyle, maintaining your independence.

Respect: We respect your worth, dignity, and cultural identity.

Participation: You are integrated into society, and your input matters in decision-making.

Knowledge: We provide information to help improve your life.

Fulfillment: We encourage you to develop and achieve personal goals.

Privacy: We protect your privacy and confidentiality.

Equality: You have equal opportunities and access to services, regardless of background.

Quality Assurance

Quality is our priority. We monitor and maintain high-quality care through systematic feedback and audits. Our three-stage action plan involves gathering service user feedback through surveys, interviews, and regular staff meetings. We ensure your needs continue to be met through ongoing improvement.

Complaints, Concerns, Comments, & Compliments

Your feedback is essential. We welcome compliments, comments, and concerns. We have a formal complaint procedure that ensures your complaints are addressed promptly and thoroughly. If you’re dissatisfied with our response, you can contact the appropriate regulatory authority.

Circumstances Resulting in Refusal of Care
We prioritize your safety. In exceptional circumstances, we may cease services due to risks to your health, safety, or the environment. We assess each situation carefully and communicate changes to you promptly.
For any inquiries or to provide feedback, please contact Ace Dynamic Healthcare Limited at 02088543826 or use our contact form. Your well-being is our utmost concern.